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Double-clicking the search application in Content Station will bring up a tool to quickly and easily find content that may not already be in your Inbox. Note, though, that this screen will always be blank until you click the magnifying glass to populate it with content.

The drop-down menus at the top of the page will refine the search by brand, categories and type of object. Once you start the search, there will also be several search facets on the left side of the screen; these can further refine the search (for instance, not only for HOTELS articles but for HOTELS articles modified this week that are ready to be edited and are more than 500 words long).

Note also the Properties pane in the lower right corner of the window, next to the preview. This will show all sorts of useful information, such as the size, resolution and format of an image. It will also show the current routing for the document and where it’s currently published.

From here, as always, double-click a story to open it; depending on the type, it will either open directly in Content Station’s built-in content editor or it will check out the document and open it on your computer using InCopy or InDesign.