Moving files within Content Station

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Moving a file

To move files between dossiers, follow these exact steps:

  1. Double-click the dossier that currently holds the file to open it in its own tab.
  2. Repeat the process with the dossier to which you want to move the file.
  3. Grab the file in question from the first tab and drag it to the title bar of the second dossier, which will open. Do not release the mouse button until you drag the file down by the other contents of that dossier.

Why this process is important

If you move a file from any other screen in Content Station (i.e., home screen inbox, search tab, etc) the system automatically creates what's called a "reference object" instead of moving the file. This will look like you've duplicated the file, but if you delete any of the apparent duplicates, you will actually delete the original file. The process outlined above moves the original document without creating any other files.

Copying a file

To copy a file to another dossier or brand, simply right-click the file in question (from any screen) and select "Copy to..." from the dropdown menu.