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General architecture

The base unit is a banner. Banners are grouped into campaigns, which themselves are grouped by advertiser.

All ads are considered banners.


  • Sales team inputs ads via the intranet, as they currently do. System sends an email when the ad is assigned.
  • Dawn and/or Dani take art and info from that email and get ads set up in the Revive server, in the right campaign, in the right zones, etc.

Contextual ads

From the banner level, select delivery options, then channels to define keywords for a query (i.e., Mexican and shrimp and appetizer course).

If the Site-Channel options are not visible, select "Site—Channel" from the dropdown menu and click the gray "Add" button.

Email newsletter ads

It's better to link on the banner level than on the campaign level.


All Revive statistics cover all impressions, not just BIs.