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Date/Time Your Name Server/System Notes (changes and/or exact error message)
8/25/15 11 a.m. Dani Dev install files uploaded
8/25 10:30ish Steve INDD Reopened connection to Smart Mover service
8/25 Steve INDD server INDD and Smart Mover Manager added to login items
8/25 1:50ish Dani Prod/Elvis stop and start
8/25 2ish Dani Prod/Elvis re-commented usageRights section of assetinfo file
8/25 3:55 Dani Dev/Elvis shows two active users. Why?
8/25 4ish Dani Prod/Enterprise tweaks to English language resource file and email notification templates
8/25 5ish Dani Dev/Elvis server stopped and quit
8/26 12ish Ben/Bert INDD and Prod servers hardware reboot
8/26 2ish Dani Dev/Elvis server started again
8/26 2:15ish Bert Smart Connection HoteldelCoronado: Unable to save attached data to file (S1001)
8/26 2:45ish Dani Solr Apache down. Restarted. Reindexed.
8/26 2:50ish Dani Woodwing admin/InDesign Server Health check returns: [ERROR]

InDesign Server:

The getprodinfo.js script failed: Uncaught JavaScript exception: File Access: Could not create file for writing: /Volumes/WebEdit/products.xml TIP: Please check the following for all configurations made at the InDesign Servers maintenance page: The complete package of Smart Connection plug-ins must be installed at your InDesign Server installation. The Enterprise Server should have HTTP access through configured URL (and port) and InDesign Server should run and listen to it. Both InDesign Server version and Smart Connection plug-ins version needs to be CS6, CC9.2 or CC2014. The plug-ins must be registered using the activation file (WWActivate.xml). See also Admin Guide about how to install and configure CS Editor and InDesign Server.

8/26 5ish Bert Smart Connection Can't change status on Palopo. Error: Unable to save attached data to file (S1001)
8/27 9:20ish Dani Prod/DataHD volume permissions changed to read/write for staff and everyone using Finder
8/27 9:30ish Dani WoodWing admin added Permanent Art issue to HOTELS brand
8/27 10ish Bert Enterprise H1510 Technology dossier doesn’t show up in search for issue dossiers. Solr index cleared and re-done. Minutes later, same problem with global update.
8/27 all day Dani Dev Elvis “warning: It seems the server was not shutdown properly last time.” on Dev Elvis client login
8/27 3ish Michelle and Brittney Smart Connection lose their connection to Elvis and are prompted to re-login. Currently no mechanism for them to do so.
8/27 4ish Aysling Prod remounts webEdit folder, which was not properly unmounted before server reboot. (Details now in troubleshooting wiki page.)
8/27 5ish Steve Prod/Elvis H1510_tech search does not return proper results but browse indicates files exist
8/28 Dani Dev/Wiki added Slack integration extension
8/28 3 pm Dani WoodWing admin removed permanent version from image statuses: Image Send to Corrections, Image Approved, Image Conversion to web formats, Image Conversion to print format, FryPDF
8/31 all day Dani Dev server installing Git, configuring SSH, attempting to install monit
9/1 1:25 Dani WW Admin added article laid out status and layout approved routing to HOTELS brand
9/1 1:50 pm Dani Dev WW Admin enabled Drupal 7 plugin for field testing
9/1 5:30 pm Steve Prod Turned off Wifi on Production Mac Mini
9/2/15 5:30 pm Steve Prod Turned logging on and then off to test
9/3 9:15 am Dani Elvis permissions Michelle, Steve V, Brittney and Design Freelancer to standard licenses
9/3 5 pm Dani Prod added background to CS web (change to wwsettings.xml file and new image in assets folder)
9/3 6:30 pm Steve Prod & Dev Changed session.gc_maxlifetime value of /usr/local/php54/php.ini file to 86400 in order to stop Elvis logout problem. Restarted Apache on both servers.
9/4 10:17 am Steve Prod Elvis Began import of Spare/Plate Archives 1 into Elvis.
9/9 11:17 am Dani WW admin HIO brand brought into alignment with HOTELS brand; HIO and HOTELS statuses reordered
9/9 4:17 pm Dani WW admin Plate brand refined and made workable for training on 9/21
9/9 4:45 pm Dani Smart Mover Manager Duplicated existing images-to-ads procedure to make articles uploaded by recipe editor into recipes
9/10 3:30 pm Dani Elvis Updated rules per Bill's suggestions; created rule for admins to have access to everything; moved Plate directories out of archives and deleted Plate from archives (all Plate content now in Plate folder); imported Plate 2015 content (missing from first import)
9/14 3:20 pm Dani WW admin Created statuses: "Image: Reference NOT FOR PUBLICATION" and "Recipe Include in Packet" in Plate brand
9/14 5:20 pm Dani Prod Solr started
9/14 3:20 pm Dani WW admin Created statuses for web and print recipes
9/16 10:20 pm Steve Dev Server Installed MySQL Workbench, worked in DB to finalize packet query
9/17 4:06 pm Steve Dev Server Finalized PacketMakerV1 for emailing packets to Plate team
9/18/15 10:55 am Steve Prod Server Installed PacketMakerV1 on Prod
9/18/15 11:05 am Steve Prod Server Installed MySQL Workbench on Prod
9/22/15 45 pm Dani WW admin changes to Plate workflow
9/21/15 4 pm Dani Prod Server Stopped and started Elvis; taxonomy pane commented out of custom-assetinfo
9/23/15 1 pm Dani WW admin Created brands for CarneTec, CarneTec Brasil, and Meatingplace
9/24/15 11 am Dani WW admin Added additional categories to Plate and reordered
9/30/15 1:30 pm Steve Prod Export DB for local testing. Left on desktop "packetmakerv2.sql"
10/1/15 9:30 pm Steve Prod Restart Elvis server. Quit and Restart Elvis Server App. Restart Elvis Server. Copy all var/tmp to "Var temp backup" on desktop. Delete by dragging to trash 2,000 plus sess files in var/tmp.
10/2/15 1:45 pm Steve Prod Stop and Start Elvis server bc Bert reported no access and Elvis was throwing a "Unable to connect to server Cause: Server communication probllem error". Restart fixed, but cause unknown.
10/6/15 Dani Dev Added new extension to mediawiki installation as part of quest to post Tarbell demo video.
10/8/15 Dani GoDaddy added redirects for and
10/6/15 Dani Dev Added new extension to mediawiki installation for LDAP.
10/13/15 10:30 am Dani Prod installed GoToMeeting client for Terri's troubleshooting
10/13/15 11:30 am Dani INDD server installed GoToMeeting client for Terri's troubleshooting
10/14/15 3:00 pm Dani INDD server deleted PDFtoFTP SmartMover process; imported previously exported version (from 10/13) to replace it
10/15/15 11:00 am Dani INDD server added new fonts for H1511
10/19/15 10:00 am Dani Prod removed around 1400 session files from tmp folder; no users logged in during this process
10/19/15 11:00 am Dani Dev created wiki for dev team. (Two installations in different directories, not the traditional wiki-family setup.) Set $wgGroupPermissions['*']['createaccount'] to true for the time being.
10/19/15 11:00 am Dani Dev Enabled Renameuser extension on MTG wiki
10/19/15 3:00 pm Dani Wurlie Uploaded new htaccess file with base definition to specify html directory; manually removed references to .html pages from within main directory files
10/21/15 7:05 pm Steve Dev Installed TeamViewer app for remote access for consultant to install Monit on Dev Server
10/21/15 11:35 pm Steve Prod Restart Apache
10/22/15 9:00 am Dani Prod manually deleted 64-byte session files from tmp
10/30/15 3:00 pm Dani Prod added allAirClientUsersHaveUserZone=false to
10/30/15 3:30 pm Dani Prod added gc_maxlifetime=28800 to /Library/Server/Web/Config/php/php.ini
11/2/15 12 pm Dani Prod added bmp support to extension map in configserver.php
11/6/15 12:45 am Steve Dev Turned off Elvis server, left Enterprise running.
11/9/15 12:16 am Steve Prod set gxmaxlifetime value of /usr/local/php54/php.ini to 28800. Restarted apache.
11/11/15 2:00 pm Dani wiki language extension bundle installed; Translate configured
11/11/15 2:30 pm Dani Prod started and indexed Solr, opened Elvis server app, Elvis server stop and start, box reboot using wiki checklist, test login to Content Station and Elvis, test checkout/in via Smart Connection
11/16/15 4:45 pm Dani INDD server killed stuck INDD server process
11/16/15 4:45 pm Dani Prod restarted Solr; Health Check still isn't finding it, but it appears to work
11/17/15 10:21 am Dani INDD added Revista font family for PL1601; no users in Plate layouts at the time
11/19/15 10:15 am Dani WW admin created "No Delete for Art" access profile and applied it to the artgroup for all brands
11/19/15 1:30 pm Dani and Ben Prod dropped Prod box; D went through startup checklist, B will investigate in logs (Solr is now showing up in Health Check again, so there's that)
11/24/15 8:39 am Steve Prod stopped time machine backup at 2.5 of 3.5 TB because server was too slow. Enabled logging, reverted .xml template changes from yesterday. Was able to log in and use CS after these chagnes.
11/24/15 9:38 am Dani Prod commented out Meatingplace brand and remnants of Plate brand in componentdefs.xml to fix Content Station outage. Problem was components defined outside of brand tags. (Plate brand tags commented out.)
11/24/15 2:50 pm Dani Prod Elvis activated WW enterprise import plugin
11/24/15 4:15 pm Dani Prod changed unnecessarily alarming S1055 error message to "Please check your password for typos and try again." because that's what it means in English (in enUS.xml resource file)...and as long as I was in there I cleaned up a bunch of run-on sentences
11/25/15 10:15 am Dani WW admin added translation statuses for CarneTec and CarneTec Brasil brands
11/25/15 10:15 am Steve Dev installed Lingon X for testing server monitioring. Uninstalled because of lack of email notifications.
11/25/15 7:15 pm Steve INDD Pulled Smart Mover Processes from TimeMachine for 11/5/15 and replace the folder at llibary/application support/SmartMoverServiceSupport/SmartMoverProcesses.Edited dropbox process so that WW and HOTELS brands would be included in that process. Others still need to be added.
11/25/15 7:15 pm Steve Prod Turned on low-level logging for Enterprise.
11/26/15 10:15 am Steve INDD & Elvis Created WW folder on Elvis; uploaded 5 MadMax Jpgs; created madmax dossier on WW brand in CS; Ran SmartMover for DropBoxImageWorkflow; downloaded, edited and uploaded. Photos are in JPG format, and the history works the way it should.
11/30/15 7:15 am Steve Prod Turned OFF low-level logging for Enterprise. Too processor-intensive, especially when combined with Time Machine backup.
11/30/15 9:25 am Dani WW admin Patrick Parmigiani set to Portuguese in Users
11/30/15 11:25 am Steve SmartMover Added new smartmover PDFMoverHIO2 so that HIO PDFs could be created and uploaded into Enterprise.
11/30/15 3:40 pm Dani SmartMover Expanded query for images to ads mover to include all brands and all image draft statuses.
12/1/15 1:50 pm Dani Dev Installed and activated new Elvis license.
12/1/15 2:10 pm Dani SmartMover Smart Mover Manager crash while exporting processes. Restarted service, restarted manager, reconnected to service.
12/1/15 8:10 pm Steve INDD and Prod Turned off PDFMover SmartMovers, changed name of HIO Print Channel to "Print", tested PDFSave and SGLPlus and PDFs are being created for HIO and HOTELS. Print channel is the key, and is noted on line 82 on pdfsave config.php. Deleted HIO folders from PDF Mover and emptied trash.
12/3/15 8:10 pm Steve Dev, Prod, INDD Made a new dropbox smart mover for WW brand; installed PostGres server on Dev (no effect); added photos to prod Elvis, ran dropbox routine, worked perfectly with versioning etc; downloaded all Elvis log files from Prod sent to Aysling.
12/7/15 9:12 am Dani Prod Elvis stop and start
12/7/15 7:01 pm Steve Prod Use Elvis admin tool to make a backup of Elvis (message: "backup succeeded"); Check to see that TimeMachine backed up (it had); Add to Elvis Server/Elvis Data/hotDataBackup; stop Elvis server; Start Elvis server so it can run that .zip script. Does not appear to have solved the problem.
12/8/15 7:35 pm Steve Prod Install on prod; backed up Elvis; checked time machine—latest back up 7:00 pm; ran REINDEX INDEX query in Elvis DB and it seems to have solved the problem.
12/9/15 11:15 am Dani Smart Mover Activated Dropbox Movers and created an IFTTT recipe for notifications for each brand
12/21/15 11:15 am Dani Dev SQL Dev Elvis server on, deleted 400+ DPF columns from smart_objects table using "Alter table" in workbench, removed all HOTELS (publication=2) objects from smart_objects using DELETE * FROM Enterprise.smart_objects WHERE publication=2;, reindexed Solr, then deleted HOTELS brand. Added Web brand. Dev Elvis server back off.
12/21/15 1:00 pm Dani Dev Enabled DEBUG and restarted Apache
12/22/15 9:30 am Dani Nagios droplet Powered down to create snapshot, then installed PostreSQL, libdbi-perl, libmysqlclient-dev, libperl-dev, libssl-dev, freeradius, ldap-utils, gave project back to CJ at that point
12/22/15 11:15 am Dani Solr Reindexed
12/22/15 3:15 pm Dani INDD server Killed hung server process three times
1/3/16 6:10 pm Dani Enterprise admin panels re-indexed Solr per Aysling ticket 2920
1/10/16 9:10 am Steve When changing state to create PDF, "error storing document to server. Undefined PDF Style: [FryPDF] Rebooted Apache; Rebooted Elvis; Health check OK; test from Dev OK; Changed connection protocol on EditDev drive from SMB to AFP. No success as of 11:55 am. As of 7:55pm, changed value on line 693 of configserver.php from "new Feature( 'CreatePagePDFOnProduce' , '[FryPDF]’ )” to new Feature( 'CreatePagePDFOnProduce' , 'FryPDF’ )”. Fixed.
1/12/16 1:10 pm Dani Prod restarted Tomcat
1/12/16 2:10 pm Dani INDD Exported new backup copies of the Smart Movers. Rebuilt the CarneTec dropbox process, which had emptied itself.
1/13/16 8:45 am Dani INDD Added Bebas font for H1601
1/13/16 2:45 pm Dani Enterprise Admin Added some typography permissions to No Delete and Staff access profiles
1/14/16 10:25 am Dani wiki Updated download file for Content Station installation; new users will get build 300, as build 153 wouldn't install on Katie's new machine yesterday
1/14/16 4:40 pm Dani Enterprise admin Created new access profile to give Plate staff access to bold and italics; they've sworn to only use their powers for good. Updated user authorizations for Plate.
1/15/16 10:00 am Dani INDD server Health Check reports "getprodinfo.js script failed: InDesign Server does not respond." Two server processes running in INDD server. Killed both. On respawn, system is fine.
1/19/16 10:00 am Steve Enterprise Admin Manually deactivated Shirleen's access with the Deactivate checkbox in Woodwing Admin web interface.
1/20/2016 2:40 pm Steve and Dani Prod Elvis unavailable via client and Smart Connection (though admin page and install page were both fine). App server status on investigation in Prod: "initializing." After several minutes, quit app and restarted it, whereupon it immediately switched to "running" status Within 10 minutes, Elvis became available once more. Solr possibly also down? (HC unable to get version number).
1/21/2016 4:00 pm Dani WW Admin Removed automatic routing on CarneTec Layout Approved; Brittney was getting an error message about routing conflicts when she tried to do a batch property change on everything but the cover from C1601
1/25/2016 2:30 pm Dani Dev, INDD boxes Disabled Spotlight indexing with sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ (It was already disabled on Prod?)
1/26/2016 3:20 pm Dani Dev box Installed and registered Little Snitch. Rebooted and flashed PRAM. Had to force-quit a catalina exe file. MySQL server will not start.
1/27/2016 2:30 pm Dani Dev chmod log files within /usr/local/mysql and chown -R that directory. Ultimately got MySQL server and wikis online by commenting out the alter table Enterprise lines in /etc/my.conf
2/1/2016 2:30 pm Dani INDD server Smart Mover manager stuck; killed; killed service; restarted service; unable to restart Manager
2/1/2016 3:30 pm Dani Dev installed TimeMachineEditor; testing setting that generates backups when inactive
2/1/2016 4:20 pm Dani Prod connected Headless plug
2/1/2016 4:50 pm Dani Prod Elvis stop/start
2/1/2016 5:10 pm Dani Dev Disabled Time Machine and TimeMachineEditor. Ran script to turn off Spotlight (with questionable success).
2/1/2016 8:10 pm Steve INDD Restart INDD server and SmartMover because SmartMover was hung.
2/2/2016 9:05 am Dani Dev Reboot
2/2/2016 9:45 am Dani INDD Rebuilt HOTELS Dropbox process and reimported CarneTec; both emptied themselves of all tasks for no apparent reason
2/2/2016 4:15 pm Dani WW Added editorial groups to other brands as appropriate, following the resolution of Tom's drag-and-drop image issue. Gave each all-all-no delete.
2/3/2016 4:15 pm Dani Dev CCC installed and scheduled to run at 2 a.m. Backing up entire Macintosh HD to DataHD/CCC
2/5/2016 4:15 pm Steve Prod Ran SQL scripts to delete old drupal integrations; impolrted drupal taxonomy and forms; deleted unnecessary forms; updated componentdefs.xml and then removed becuase CS did not want to load; turned off spotlight using standard command line command found in this wiki; reinstalled SGL+ in admin interface; ran /Library/Tomcat/bin/; turned off time machine in system prefs;
2/8/2016 11:10 am Dani Dev new componentDefs.xml file; unplugged Elvis and Solr from admin panels to avoid nuisance errors
2/9/2016 1:40 pm Dani INDD force-quit; turned off Time Machine; uploaded Faith and Glory and Santelia fonts for PL1603
2/9/2016 2:30 pm Dani INDD ran load mds command; added backup directory to privacy in Spotlight prefs; unloaded mds again
2/9/2016 3:15 pm Jitendra Dev installed Nagios plugin
2/9/2016 3:25 pm Dani INDD Unmounted TimeMachineBackup volumes; location services off (under Privacy) in system prefs
2/10/2016 1:53 pm Dani WW Changed base access profile for editteamplate to "Plate Staff" in Plate brand to solve problem Liz was having where she was unable to select fonts and styles in the InCopy Character panel
2/10/2016 7:53 pm Steve INDD Restarted and killed spotlight for good measure. Time Machine popped up as a disk, I unmounted it.
2/10/2016 7:53 pm Steve Prod Restarted after putting new componentdefs.xml file in it.
2/11/2016 10:30 am Dani Prod Put brackets around FryPDF in line 693 of configserver.php on Prod (/Library/WebServer/Documents/Enterprise/config/configserver.php), put brackets around name of FryPDF job options file
2/17/2016 10:00 am Dani WW admin Fixed Bert's issue with S1001 error on HIO1603 images (MTG ticket 649587) by removing the permanent version on the Image Approved status for the HIO brand
2/17/2016 10:00 am Dani INDD Killed stuck INDD Server process (MTG ticket 478473)
2/17/2016 2:15 pm Dani INDD Killed stuck INDD Server process
2/17/2016 2:28 pm Dani INDD Killed stuck INDD Server process
2/17/2016 2:31 pm Dani INDD Turned off all automatic update checking/downloads via System Prefs—>App Store
2/17/2016 2:55 pm Dani INDD Killed stuck INDD Server process
2/17/2016 3:40 pm Dani INDD Killed stuck INDD Server process
2/19/2016 10:50 am Dani INDD Removed GTAssist and all versions of GTM; emptied trash
2/19/2016 10:52 am Dani Prod Disabled GTM auto-updates; removed all versions. GTAssist not installed on this box. Did not empty trash.
2/19/2016 10:55 am Dani Dev Quit and uninstalled GTAssist. GTM not installed on this box.
2/21/2016 10:55 am Steve Prod Changed prod php.ini to have error reporting on in order to see trouble with Twitter integration (lines 478, 106,108,116 and 118 in usr/local/php54/php.ini). Restarted apache on prod. Still not seeing error messages on twitter plugin. NOTE: saw no changes so I reversed thse at 1:14 pm INTERESTING NOTE: When php errors were enabled, INDD SC displayed an error dialog box most likely in reference to the inability to write to the Enterprise server—the message was incomplete, so it wasn't too much help.
2/19/2016 10:55 am Steve Prod Turned off error logging.
2/22/2016 9:28 am Dani INDD Installed Brandon Printed fonts for INDD server
2/23/2016 6:28 am Steve INDD Restarted INDD server app. Crashed overnight? PDF jobs queued in INDD job page in Woodwing admin started right up after INDD was actually running.
2/27/2016 12:03 pm Steve Dev and Prod Installed Publish Form Template script at Backed up DBs. Testing.
2/27/2016 1:36:03 pm Steve Prod Installed Publish Form Template script at Backed up DBs. Delted tables. Tested CS, dossier, article, web article creation. All good.
2/29/2016 9am Dani INDD Killed stuck Mover (HOTELS Dropbox). Quit SM Manager. Restarted service and logged Manager back in.
2/29/2016 2 pm Dani wiki Updated wwsettings.xml to include port number
3/1/2016 3:45 pm Dani INDD Deleted Kahlo Decorative and Valeria Script Two fonts from INDD folder and system folder; deleted INDD .lst file in fonts folder, repaired disk permissions, all fonts copied from INDD folder to /Library/Fonts; rebooted box; restarted SM service and reconnected; reconnected to WebEdit and CCCBackup
3/2/2016 8:45 pm Steve INDD and Prod Made many changes to the joboptions files. See details joboptions_changes.
3/4/2016 11:45 am Dani Dev restarted
3/4/2016 11:45 am Dani Prod added caption components for COL and BOL in componentdefs
3/4/2016 12:20 pm Dani INDD installed TeamViewer
3/8/2016 12:20 pm Dani and Steve INDD SM Manager base path restored; killed eight (!) SM Service processes and the stuck softwareupdated process for good measure; restored HOTELS and HIO dropbox processes
3/9/2016 9:20 am Dani Prod updated component defs to replace missing Plate components; installed TeamViewer
3/9/2016 2:10 pm Dani Prod updated component defs to allow Meatingplace to put in multiple headlines—headlines weren't in the file at all?!
3/12/2016 10:36:03 pm Steve Prod Installed Publish Form Template script at Backed up DBs. Delted tables. Tested CS, dossier, article, web article creation. All good.
3/14/2016 5:10 pm Dani Prod ran database cleaning script, imported content types, turned on debugging, restarted Apache, imported content types again, dumped database for WW, turned off debugging and restarted Apache again, deleted publish form templates again, ran cleaning script again
3/15/2016 11:05 am Dani INDD INDD server stuck; killed process; force-started background jobs
3/18/2016 10:05 am Dani INDD removed Smart Mover Manager from startup process; removed service shortcut from dock
3/18/2016 10:45 am Dani Prod imported publish forms; added Elvis sync plugin to crontab as directed in
3/21/2016 1:50 pm Dani WW added People and Sales & Marketing categories to HOTELS brand; renamed GU to Trending
3/22/2016 4:00 pm Dani Prod handful of stop/starts on Elvis server to resolve outage and subsequent "server restarted" error message
3/24/2016 6:36:03 pm Steve Prod Ran Publish Form Template script at Backed up DBs. Deleted tables. Tested CS, dossier, article, web article creation. All good. Imported drupal taxonomy and publish forms. Deleted most publish form templates via CS. Turned logging on and off.
3/25/2016 11:05 am Dani Prod added allowmultipleinstances="true" to Sidebar for Plate in componentdefs.xml
3/27/2016 8:36:03 pm Steve Prod Moved fields order in drupal. Ran Publish Form Template script at Backed up DBs. Deleted tables. Tested CS, dossier, article, web article creation. All good. Imported drupal taxonomy and publish forms. Deleted most publish form templates via CS.
3/28/2016 9:20 am Dani Elvis stop/start. Client unable to connect, but admin page worked. Same as what happened on the 22nd.
4/5/2016 4:23 pm Dani IFTTT turned off notifications for checked-in Dropbox files for all brands, per Bert's request
4/9/2016 11:45:03 am Steve Prod Moved fields order in drupal. Ran Publish Form Template script at Backed up DBs. Deleted tables. Tested CS, dossier, article, web article creation. All good. Imported drupal taxonomy and publish forms. Deleted most publish form templates via CS.
4/9/2016 9:21 pm Steve Prod Changed line 8 in config_drupal.php ('title' => 'Print Deck',) in order to auto-fill fields on page load but it did not appear to have worked.
4/11/2016 8:45:03 pm Steve Prod Moved fields order in drupal. Ran Publish Form Template script at Backed up DBs. Deleted tables. Tested CS, dossier, article, web article creation. All good. Imported drupal taxonomy and publish forms. Deleted most publish form templates via CS.
4/20/2016 3:40 pm Dani INDD Killed stuck INDD server process
5/2/2016 9:10 am Dani INDD Killed stuck INDD server process
5/2/2016 4:07 pm Dani INDD Killed stuck INDD server process
5/2/2016 4:57 pm Dani Prod Set logging level to WARN and restarted apache
5/4/2016 9:35 am Dani INDD Killed stuck INDD server process
5/4/2016 4:05 pm Steve and Dani INDD Set nice value of INDD server process to -10
5/4/2016 4:25 pm Dani INDD Uncommented sections of WWsettings.xml file as per to turn on logging
5/4/2016 4:45 pm Dani Karen R.'s computer provided new WWsettings file to enable local logging for INDD and Smart Connection
5/4/2016 4:45 pm Dani Bert's computer provided new WWsettings file to enable local logging for INDD and Smart Connection; also added his IP (67) to configserver
6/9/2016 1:45 pm Steve Amy C's computer Installed CS ContentStationMac_9.8.2_Build_263 on Amy's machine and Steve D's machine. Barbara B, too.
6/12/2016 5:45 pm Steve Prod server Went into Amy C's account on drupal, gave her an OAuth consumer record to see if that will force drupal to use her name instead of mine on the submission to drupal publish form. This is a setting that both Dani and I have, and Dani's posts contain her name.
6/14/2016 2:58 pm Dani Prod Changed configserver.php to save 20 versions of layouts.
6/14/2016 5:30 pm Dani Prod restarted Apache
6/20/2016 11:50 am Dani INDD server launched SM service; connected SM Manager to it
6/24/2016 12:15 pm Dani Prod increased Java allocation to 10 GB as per, adding # Number of assets to fetched for the queue at a time (balances queue load
  1. between bulk update and runtime updates), restart Elvis Server

enterpriseUpdateBatchSize = 50 to Elvis, ran Enterprise bulk updater

6/28/2016 3ish Dani Prod new cron job: */5 * * * * curl "http://localhost/Enterprise/config/plugins/Elvis/sync.php?maxexectime=300&maxtimeoutperrun=60"
6/29/2016 11:35 am Dani Prod switched DEBUG to ERROR for default and localhost in configserver.php
7/7/2016 2:15 and 2:30ish pm Dani Prod Elvis stop/starts
7/8/2016 2:00 pm Steve Prod and Drupal Prod Turn off and on drupal Woodwing modlue in order to solve Amy's problem and inability to publish from CS to Drupal.
7/12/2016 11:07 am Dani Prod Elvis stop/start
7/13/2016 4:45 pm Dani Prod ran CHECK and OPTIMIZE on all tables in MySQL workbench; saved commands in a folder on the desktop
7/18/2016 10:25 am Dani Prod Elvis stop/start
7/21/2016 3:55 pm Dani Prod change crontab to */5 * * * * /usr/bin/curl "http://localhost/Enterprise/config/plugins/Elvis/sync.php?maxexectime=300&maxtimeoutperrun=60"
7/22/2016 11:45 am Dani Prod Elvis stop/start; crontab edit to remove # from before job
7/26/2016 3:10 pm Dani WW authorization changes as follows:

CarneTec and CarneTec Brasil: editteamcarnetec all-all-staff, editteammeatingplace all-all-no delete
HOTELS: editteamhotels all-all-staff, editteamplate all-all-no delete
HIO: editteamhotels all-all-staff
Plate: editteamcarnetec all-all-no delete
Meatingplace: editteammeatingplace all-all-staff

7/26/2016 5 pm Dani Prod Default and localhost logging levels set to NONE
8/8/2016 3:15 p.m. pm Dani Prod Added Liz, Chandra and Amy Cavanaugh to debug levels array
8/10/2016 10:30 a.m. Dani InDesign unloaded IDS launch daemon, updated IDS to 8.0.3, updated Smart Connection plugin to 8.3.17 build 313, loaded daemon
8/23/2016 11:10 p.m. pm Dani Prod Changed configserver to save 25 versions of articles
8/23/2016 11:15 p.m. pm Dani IDS Emptied queue of 15-20 stuck jobs; killed IDS process
8/23/2016 4:55 p.m. pm Dani Prod added allowmultipleinstances="true" to component defs for sidebars in HOTELS and HIO
9/8/2016 3:15 p.m. pm Dani Prod temporary solution to LDAP catastrophe for Elvis: add each user followed by =ww,ROLE_SUPERUSER to the default WoodWing Enterprise user section at the bottom of Elvis Server/config/ Each user's password MUST match their password for enterprise, otherwise images are removed when INDD file is opened.
9/12/2016 10:00 a.m. Dani Prod changed most users to ROLE_AIR_CLIENT,GROUP_production in internal-users for Elvis (superusers log in as pro, and we only have three of those licenses)
10/11/2016 10:15 a.m. Dani Prod reboot. Had some trouble with credentials to connect to Time Machine afp
10/12/2016 4:55 p.m. Dani Dev reboot. Started IDS using /Applications/Adobe\ InDesign\ CS6\ Server/indesignserver -port 18383
10/20/2016 2:20 p.m. pm Dani IDS killed IDS process
10/20/2016 3:27 p.m. pm Laura Prod Modified all Access Profiles in Enterprise Admin to disable the 'Allow Multiple Article Placement' feature found under the Workflow section
11/1/2016 1:30 p.m. pm Dani Prod Deleted and deactivated old users in Enterprise; removed Testing brands
11/8/2016 3:30 p.m. Dani IDS Killed IDS process; restarted via Terminal using sudo ./InDesignServer -port 18386 in the directory /Applications/Adobe\ InDesign\ CS6\ Server; commented out the KeepAlive key in /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.adobe.ids.launchd.18385.plist and made a backup copy
11/9/2016 11:20 a.m. Dani IDS Ran out of HD space. Emptied trash. Killed IDS process; restarted via Terminal using sudo ./InDesignServer -port 18386. Killed SM and SM service; process folders missing. Reimported each process.
11/14/16 11:30 am Steve .11 prod added these lines to configserver.php because PDFs were printing out of INDD via Statuses without any crop marks. Also moved [frypdf] joboptions files into adobe/setttings folders. This sovled the problem. new Feature( 'CreatePagePreview'),

new Feature( 'PagePreviewResolution', 300), new Feature( 'CreatePagePDFOnProduce', '[High Quality Print]'),

11/14/16 7:30 pm Steve .11 prod COMMENTED OUT THESE LINES BC INDD SERVER STOPPED WORKING AGAIN. Also, used the "launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchAgents" command so that the native Indesign server app does not fire up all the time and only the terminal-based one does. If you wnt to get the other app going again just use the comamnd "launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchAgents" these lines to configserver.php because PDFs were printing out of INDD via Statuses without any crop marks. This sovled the problem. new Feature( 'CreatePagePreview'),

new Feature( 'PagePreviewResolution', 300), new Feature( 'CreatePagePDFOnProduce', '[High Quality Print]'),

11/15/2016 11:30 a.m. Steve Prod and INDD In configserver.php on line 843 added FryPDF and added those joboption files to the INDD server in library/application uspport/adobe/settings/pdf and now when a user changes the sttus of their lahyout to "Convert to PDF" it uses the FryPDF settings and puts the PDFs into the Publication overview.
11/15/2016 4:30 p.m. Dani Elvis Created cron job to run update: */5 * * * * /usr/bin/curl ""
11/16/2016 6:30 a.m. Steve Elvis turned off spotlight indexing bc it might have caused Elvis hang yesterday. used sudo mdutil -a -i off command
11/23/2016 6:30 a.m. Steve INDD stopped and started INDD server via commadn line becuse it was choking on M1612 ads file for Matingplace from Karen
11/23/2016 4:00 p.m. Dani Elvis stopped server and started DataHD clone from old Pegasus to new Pegasus. Email notifications upon completion to Dani and Steve.
11/26/2016 4:00 p.m. Steve prod changed line 19 in enterprise/config/plugins/elvis/config.php to define('ELVIS_CLIENT_URL', ''); and now elvis works from Content Station
11/28/2016 3:07 p.m. Laura prod changed php.ini settings from "post_max_size = 200M, memory_limit = 500M, Upload_max_filesize = 200M" to post_max_size = 500M, memory_limit = 1000M, Upload_max_filesize = 500M
11/28/2016 7:47 p.m. Steve prod restarted apache on prod so php.ini changes could take effect. NOTE: 1000M memory_limit is not reflected in
11/29/2016 10:00 a.m. Dani WW group and user maintenance: removed Laurie's dupe user, condensed admin group into enterpriseadmin group, created groups for brand-specific production, removed unnecessary groups from group authorizations for each brand to shorten routing menu. Bert declined offer to make brand-specific design groups, so entire artgroup is still in each brand.
12/5/2016 3:50 p.m. Dani WW created "no upload" access profile for production team for meat mags, removed upload button from most other access profiles
12/6/2016 10:00 a.m. Dani WW grudgingly restored upload powers to all; without it, they could not create shadow objects
12/8/2016 3:00 p.m. Dani WW created an ME group for each brand and gave only that group the ability to restore versions. Removed permissions related to track changes from every group but admin. Killed the "no upload" access profile.
12/8/2016 3:30 p.m. Dani Smart Mover disconnected from service, quit, killed service process, restarted service and connected. Got rid of the “Service exception error in ControlSocketClass (command = 1600)” error.
1/3/2017 10 a.m. Dani IDS machine killed IDS process and restarted on 18386 instead of 18385; connected SmartMover service; verified that configserver.php (on Enterprise) volume path to WebEdit matches what IDS sees; killed 18386 process (which appears to be CC, according to job queue?) and restarted 18385; files started processing. PL 1701 Snacks Cover processed several times in a row without showing as successful on the jobs queue so I killed the job and restarted it by checking the file back in via SCE.
1/5/2017 1:25 p.m. Dani IDS machine killed and restarted SmartMover service
1/19/2017 10:10 a.m. Dani Prod default debug level changed from INFO to DEBUG
1/19/2017 2:40 p.m. Dani Elvis changed three instances of "" to "" in
1/20/2017 2:40 p.m. Laura Prod added 'new Feature( 'DateFormat' , 'MM-DD-YYYY')' to configserver.php in Enterprise so Content Station will display mm-dd-yyyy format
1/26/2017 1:00 p.m. Laura Prod added Content to Search criteria in Enterprise so custom searches can now search article content
2/1/2017 4:00 p.m. Dani IDS killed process and restarted IDS from command line on 18385
2/2/2017 5:00 p.m. Dani Production and IDS swapped out fileshare hardware. Rebooted Prod and IDS machines. WebEdit mounted as -2; changed configserver.php accordingly. Followed SOPs for reboots.
2/3/2017 11:20 a.m. Dani Production updated componentdefs.xml to give Hotels and default the ability to add multiple body components and hide web-specific boxes that are not helpful to Hotels
2/14/2017 2:20 p.m. Dani Wiki machine reboot
2/27/2017 5:20 p.m. Steve INDD Attached Woodwing Applescxript 1.0 to EXPORT folder in _SYSTEM_ so that it would move PDFs to FRYFTPFOLDERs directory. NOTE: This is not yet activated in Folder Actions interface. Should activate for next press run.
2/27/2017 5:20 p.m. Steve Prod Removed the PDFSave plugin from Prod so users can no longer use it.
2/27/2017 5:20 p.m. Steve INDD Added alias for FRYFTPFOLDERS alias to paths for SmartMovers.
3/1/2017 3:20 p.m. Dani WW Enabled PDFsave plugin
4/11/2017 5:00 p.m. Dani all Mac servers restarted
4/12/2017 10:20 a.m. Dani Smart Mover Dropbox processes failing because someone emptied the Image Workflow folder (!!). Restored CheckIn and CheckedOut and verified that aliases still work. Back in business.
5/1/2017 all friggin' day Dani and Steve IDS Karen reported that jobs weren't going through. Investigation revealed CoolType errors in Dani's local INDD crash logs and the "error storing document to server" and "http headers" errors. Steve's solution: PDFSave (the “old way”) plugin was turned on in WW plugins so I turned it off. Tried to make a note in Wiki but Wiki was offline—I put a ticket into CW.

Anyway, with that, the steps were: Try to export to PDF using Fry Settings Export pages 1-5, no errors Export pages 1-11, error Export page 9, crashed on progress bar “Flattening” So, looks like it’s the ad on page 9 Remove ad from page Try Export Success Try to replicate success with opening original doc, doing Save As…. Successful as well Checked PO saw the ads from the new test document in there Deleted test doc in order to avoid confusion Restart InDesign Server after force-quitting from Console

Tried with “000_m1705_adsBack” as well and that looks like it worked.

So: it looks like the "Error: Error storing the document to the server” error is either a CoolType font problem and is a result of a bad ad OR it's the result of the PDFSave plugin being turned on

5/17/2017 3:20 p.m. Dani Smart Mover followed procedure detailed on Troubleshooting page to resolve hung Manager program after frantic cycle through processes from yesterday
6/7/2017 9:30 a.m. Dani Enterprise killed web channels for Hotels and HIO
6/22/2017 12:50 p.m. Dani IDS Amy Carter reported pages not appearing in export page. Category listings job stuck in IDS. Killed job, killed IDS, restarted IDS.
7/20/2017 2:05 p.m. Dani IDS Activity monitor freaking out. Killed IDS process; it didn't disappear from Activity Monitor list but Terminal confirmed it was dead. Restarted it. Fatal error on SM Manager. Restarted SM Manager; Hotels, HIO and CarneTec FTP processes were empty. Re-imported.
7/31/2017 9:45 a.m. Dani Enterprise Gave artgroup delete privileges and assigned the new Art access profile to artgroup in all non-testing brands.
7/31/2017 9:55 a.m. Dani Smart Mover Manager stuck in rapid cycle. CarneTec, HOTELS and Plate processes empty. Deleted and re-imported from backup.
8/2/2017 8:25 a.m. Dani Smart Mover All FTP processes but HIO empty after last night's monthly restart. Deleted and re-imported from backup.
9/12/2017 10 a.m. Dani InDesign machine rebooted
11/15/2017 10 a.m. Dani InDesign machine deleted and replaced empty HIO and CarneTec processes in SmartMover Manager
12/5/2017 10:40 a.m. Dani InDesign machine Smart Mover Manager looping. Killed it and reconnected to server. Replaced empty Hotels and CarneTec Brasil processes.
2/7/2018 9:15 a.m. Dani InDesign machine deleted and replaced empty HIO, Hotels and Plate processes in SmartMover Manager. Export to FTP folder script still not working.
4/2/2018 9:15 a.m. Dani Edit and InDesign Edit Mac had shut down. Restarted it. License problem on Enterprise caused by volume name change (DataHD 1 instead of DataHD). Changed volume back by removing empty folders in /Volumes, then ejecting and remounting. InDesign "problem with" indicated problem with WebEdit folder, which had a no-access symbol despite being 777. Created a new WebEdit folder, moved contents over, deleted existing WebEdit folder. Test layout processed by IDS.
4/11/2018 9:50 a.m. Dani Smart Mover disconnected from service, quit, killed service process, restarted service and connected. Got rid of the “Service exception error in ControlSocketClass (command = 1600)” error.
4/18/2018 12:55 p.m. Dani InDesign server Bert ticket 4080667. All jobs failed in queue after 5:08 last night. Machine had a window that said that the system was out of application memory. Restarted machine. Queue began churning through old jobs but Health Check returned "Could not create file for writing: /Volumes/WebEdit/products.xml." On investigation, WebEdit was WebEdit-1. Opened /Volumes, deleted a folder called WebEdit, remounted WebEdit. Health Check now ok. Opening ticket with CW to determine cause of application memory problem.
4/24/2018 9:25 a.m. Dani Smart Mover All FTP jobs but Hotels empty. Deleted and re-imported.
4/26/2018 4:30 p.m. Dani Smart Mover CarneTec Brasil job empty after force-quit related to process looping. Deleted and re-imported.
4/30/2018 9:10 a.m. Dani Smart Mover Replaced empty CarneTec Brasil and Hotels processes
5/24/2018 12:15 p.m. Dani IDS machine unable to use ARD, KVM, or Kaseya to reach machine. Could ping. Performed hard reboot. WebEdit was WebEdit-1; unmounted, deleted folder in /Volumes, remounted. "Could not create file for writing: /Volumes/WebEdit-1/products.xml." WebEdit was WebEdit-1 in one place in configserver on Prod, but WebEdit in another. Killed IDS process, restarted, Health Check now ok.
5/29/2018 5 p.m. Dani Old Prod swapping in new RAID hardware. Editshare: Connected new RAID. Named old device DataHD-old and new device DataHD. Copied Shares folder to new RAID.
5/29/2018 5 p.m. Dani IDS machine swapping in new RAID hardware. Connected new hardware. Installed LaCie software (required reboot) and entered CW help desk, Steve, and Dani for alerts. Used Disk Utility to set up mirrored RAID set on drive. Copied all folders from existing DataHD to new RAID. Ejected DataHD and renamed LaCie DataHD. Started IDS process. Connected to WebEdit and Prod DataHD. Verified that local DataHD doesn't have a -1. Ejected WebEdit because it did; deleted folders named WebEdit and WebEditDev from /Volumes and remounted. Started SM service and IDS process (which must have quit when I ejected WebEdit). Opened and connected SM Manager, started timer, checked processes (all good). Health check ok. Exported eight pages via admin panel (WW News pages with layout convert to PDF status). Two files appeared in Export folder; no activity in Terminal window. Stopped SM timer so I can safely test with real files. Reran Steamed Cakes and Plate Expectations from job queue; Plate Expectations cycled three times before I killed the job. Replanned Low Country, but it didn't start. Killed IDS process and restarted. Manually reprocessed M1806 Company Profile. No dice. Logs indicate problem saving and accessing files. Delete files on RAID and redo copy with CCC. Set permissions for the entire drive recursively to everyone read and write. Restarted IDS process. Health Check good. Manually re-ran Meal Kits for job queue. Terminal says job completed; job queue runs task again until I manually kill it. Errors indicate trouble reading/writing. Manually retrigger Masthead, which also loops. Ejected all remote drives; new Prod RAID kept automatically reconnecting. Very odd. Reconnected all remote drives. Manually triggered spine. Spine looped. Deleted task. Problem may be that it's confusing DataHD from Prod with the new DataHD RAID....ultimately found evidence of an indexing problem. I think most problems above were caused by phantom files related to the first WW test files I ran after switching to the new RAID.
6/29/2018 10 a.m. Dani Smart Mover replaced empty Hotels and Plate FTP processes
6/29/2018 10:35 a.m. Dani Enterprise emptied trash can
8/1/2018 4:40 p.m. Dani Elvis created new user for Laurie. Details in LastPass.
8/9/2018 5 p.m. Dani all systems changed IDS filestore to RAID1 via hardware and a paper clip. Removed old filestore hardware and put new hardware in its place in the closet. Restarted all three Mac Minis.
9/10/2018 3:55 p.m. Dani freelanceart laptop INDD was starting up very, very slowly--two minutes on panels step alone. It started up quickly if I force-quit the fontd process first, which indicated a duplicate font issue. Used FontExplorer to resolve conflicts between Base9 and BaseNine font suitcases. Resolved.
9/10/2018 11:55 a.m.? Ish? Dani freelanceart laptop INDD slowed down significantly the more Carolina used panels. Per Google, had her detach all panels from one another and that helped for reasons I cannot explain.
11/12/2018 2:55 p.m. Dani IDS replaced all FTP processes in Smart Mover
12/5/2018 4:00 p.m. Dani Enterprise/Content Station Liz has been reporting that the create article window is missing templates for a while now. We have been adding them to the dossier template. Permanent solution: Created a new print category just for article templates. If an article template has a print category that is also used for real content, it confuses the system. Cleaned up duplicate templates. More info here:
1/8/2019 9:40 a.m. Dani Smart Mover Amy reported that Plate files she processed last night weren't in Insite. Replaced empty SM FTP processes for Plate, HIO, and both CarneTecs.
07/25/2019 2:55 p.m. Steve Elvis, content station, Enterprise Added these servers to the siteuptime tools and will send emails to all development team as well as Justin at CW. Want to know beofore users do when and why Elvis and Enterprise/CS went down. Can't believe I haven't done this yet.
12/6/201910:00 am Steve Elvis server Today I changed the file in the Elvis server. I changed it because it was causing an error in the users list, and when I set its active value to false the users came up. Adding a note to my wiki on this end. Got help from Woodwing in this ticket and gave them this video:
12/6/2019 Steve Elvis server Changed line 80 in to "externalServerUrl=" from externalServerUrl= so that shareable links for collections would work in and out of the VPN.
12/31/2019 Steve INDD Server Changed folder action script to version 1.3 and deactivated—but did not detach—the folder action version 1.3. The script was looking for a "1" in the file name but with 2020 as the year, that "1" (the third character in the string), changed to a "2". Script was edited and attached and tested and delivered all Meatingplace files to Fry.
12/31/2019 Josh MediaWiki Steve's account was unable to edit so I changed Dani's password through a maintaince script: /var/www/html/MTGWiki/maintenance# php changePassword.php --user=Dani --password=************ The updated password for Dani's account is in lastpass under the digital ocean bucket.
07/15/2021 Jasmin Woodwing Enterprise/Content Station The way that we have Woodwing setup is to use your MX record and to automatically authenticate with Office 365 if the senders IP belongs to one of the IP’s I have on the Exchange connector. See image here: The reason that emails were getting flagged as spam/junk or not being delivered at all, was because the new public IP of Enterprise server, wasn’t added to the Office 365 Exchange connector. Now, as far as I know, these connectors/relays only allow emails to be sent to email addresses within your Office 365 environment, which means not allowing the email to be sent to your (gmail) domain. However, if you are looking to get emails sent to your romeii domain from enterprise, I can pursue that.
05/25/2022 Steve Woodwing and Elvis Licenses for Content station offline today; Elvis about a week ago. Commented out line 995 in configserver.php on Prod to kill access to content station; turned off Elvis server. Licenses expired in March 2022.