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The home screen is a permanent tab within Content Station. Dossiers, articles, Elvis and anything else you open will occupy a tab to the right of Home. These tabs will stay open until you close them, regardless of whether you log in via the desktop client or through the web.


The inbox is where you'll see all items that are routed to you or to a group that includes you. The icons will tell you whether the item in question is an article, image (and if so, what kind), layout, etc. Items in bold are new. Items in italics have been changed. The pencil icon indicates that you have an item checked out for editing. If you see a lock in place of the pencil, someone else has that item checked out; hover over the lock for more information.

A red padlock icon indicates that a user has taken the document offline for editing. It follows, then, that a red pencil means that you have taken a document offline for editing.

You can customize the columns that appear in your inbox by clicking the little arrow at the right side of the light gray bar. For instance, adding the "In Use By" column will show who currently has a file checked out.

To remove an item from your inbox, open the properties and change the routing. Do not delete the file. (That deletes the actual file from the entire system.)

Recent items

Beneath the inbox is a list of items you have recently created or modified. Double-click or right-click the icons to open the files.


See application. Note that applications must be double-clicked.

The MTG Support application will open a new support ticket.


Next to applications is the favorites box. You can create longer-term shortcuts visible only to you by simply dragging an item (say, from recent items) into the favorites box.

To remove a favorite, right-click and select “Remove from favorites.” Favorites must also be double-clicked.