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A story that has been broken into components and uploaded to Content Station.

Articles become part of a layout. To edit an article after it's been laid out, click the arrow to the left of the layout in Content Station and double-click the article.

Articles have the following icon within Content Station and Smart Connection: Article.png

Creating an article

Use the "add article" application or click the new article button within a dossier.

Opening articles for editing

Opening an article checks it out.

To open an article for editing within Content Station's Multi-Channel Text Editor, do one of the following:

  • double-click the article. Note that if you open the article within the dossier, a dossier column will take up space to the left of the Multi-Channel Text Editor.
  • select the article and choose File—>Open. You will have a choice of opening the article or a read-only version, both in the current window and in a new one.
  • Right-click the article. Options will be similar to those for File—>Open above.

To open an article for editing within InCopy, open InCopy and log in through Smart Connection. The article will be visible as part of the layout, but be sure to click the article file so you can edit it.

More information

The WoodWing help center has detailed information available about opening, saving and closing articles.