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Config changes

After making changes to Elvis configuration files on production server:

STOP button, then START in Elvis server application

User management

Individuals inherit permissions dynamically from groups, without their individual profiles showing the group's permissions. This allows us to give more granular permissions to certain users on a case-by-case basis.

New users:

Any new user added in LDAP will be pulled into Elvis with no default permissions or rules.

Note: New users won't have any permissions until they are added to at least one group on the LDAP server.


  • Permissions and capabilities dictate which tools users can access.
  • Rules dictate which files users can access. We have only one rule that gives users access to all existing top-level directories; if you make a new one, be sure to add it to that rule.
  • Perspectives allow us to set up a UI for groups of users. You can hide certain parts of the existing UI (taxonomy, import button, etc.) and add saved searches for that group of users.
    • To create a perspective: Make Elvis exactly as you want it to be for that group, then click "Create new perspective" to save your current setup.

Changes to welcome screen

  1. Change HTML file in plugins/active/welcome.
  2. If URL changes, update config/config.properties.txt.
  3. Stop/start Elvis server.


Make a back up and make sure all users and any automated processes are out of the system and stopped before running the reindex.

You can get the newest stable version of the admin tool from this link: [1]

The connection information is as follows:

Host: localhost (if on the server)
port: 5391
Maintenance DB: postgres
Username: elvispq
(yes, it's blank)

Pull up the sql command window (magnifying glass) and type in the command : REINDEX INDEX usage_log_source_asset_path_index;